My Next Haircut

Why did it take me this long to watch The Apartment?

The best haircuts come from old movies.

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Oh my God, Joan Jett

I love her because of this:

I’m afraid of her because of this:

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I Tried to Animate and This is What Happened

I did this using After Effects.

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This Thing I Made

Schiele Family Photo

Since this was my first encounter with Photoshop, I wasn’t even going to try something hyper-realistic. However, I did want to see what I could do. I started with a painting of a nude model done by Egon Schiele and transposed her image along with found images of a sketch-book and pencil onto a picture of a family using layer masks. Of course, everything had to be resized and rotated. Then I adjusted the brightness, contrast, and saturation to match the picture of the family. And I added shadows to the sketch-book and pencil using the paintbrush tool and multiplying it.

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Coolest men ever.

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I Really Like Street Art

So here’s this guy who is a genius at geometry.

OMG worlds colliding!
See all of Aakash Nihalani’s work aquí. He does a lot more than simple cubes.

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Sin Ti Me Siento Perdido

The only Puerto Rican thing about my childhood was listening to Rey Ruiz, the salsa version of Nick Carter. My Abuela doesn’t like him because she thinks that only poor, uneducated people dance salsa.

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