Dear God No

Catherine Hardwicke gives us another another film in which a boring girl convinces herself that she is in love with a boy who is obviously bad for her and potentially abusive. Who are we to be so lucky?

Red Riding Hood comes out March 11.

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I like this quite a great deal.

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3D Silliness

I did this partly because I had to, and partly because I really like strawberries, beer, chairs, ballerinas, bolex cameras, and space.

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This Cover is Better than the Original #4

What is it about talented inner-city kids?

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Way Better Than it Needs to Be.

Have I mentioned that I love the Czech Republic? Yes. Okay. Well here’s how they celebrated their 600 year-old astrological clock in Town Square, Prague.

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Something Great


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There Was a Shooting at My School…

This song by Brian O’Connor, Jared Hattingh, and Jenna VonHofe is a pretty good summary of how all of us who were lucky enough to be away from the library yesterday morning were feeling. I think the reason we are able to talk about it in such a casual manner, even though a person (the shooter) died in our library, is because it could have been a lot worse. The police kept us safe and I’d rather be confused and bored than in danger. But that’s just me.

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